We want cyclists, walkers and wheelers to be able to travel safely from Drem to Gullane - away from the busy and dangerous main road.



This is Scotland’s longest running path campaign. This section outlines key steps along our journey to realising a safe route for all between our villages.

December, 2005

The desire for a safe walking and cycling route between Drem and Gullane was first identified during early consultations for East Lothian Council Core Paths Plan. As a result of these consultations, a core path route was shown linking Drem to Gullane as a ‘red dotted line’ (core path number 357).

August, 2008 onwards

There were a number of attempts to implement core path 357 that involved discussions with two landowners. A 75 metre section of new path was constructed at a cost of more than £5,000, then both landowners withdrew permission for the remainder of the core path to be constructed, due to concerns – loss of productivity, spraying, shooting - which could not be allayed.

December, 2010

East Lothian Core Paths Plan was formally adopted by the Council. Core path 357 now has legal status.


Campaigners continued to gather support by leafleting local residents and holding a number of public, well attended meetings in Gullane Village Hall.

April, 2013

East Lothian Local Access Forum formally offered their advice to East Lothian Council. This was to continue to work towards the implementation of a core path between Drem and Gullane along the new route suggested by one of the landowners.

April, 2015

East Lothian Access Forum, on behalf of the campaign, approached the landowner who continued to state that the only option he will consider is the route following the west side of the B1345.

October, 2015

Path campaign organised community walk from Gullane to Drem along existing core path routes.

May, 2016

Mediator commissioned by East Lothian Council in a bid to identify a way forward.

Landowner reaffirms offer of an off-road route on the west side of the B1345 from Drem – consistent with his publicly stated support for a path between the villages

Mediator completes report and recommends support for landowner's route.

Drem-Gullane Path Campaign formally backs landowners' route.

January, 2017

Drem-Gullane Path Campaign formally requests Gullane Area Community Council to back the route offered by the landowner.

Parliamentary representatives and national campaign groups write to the Community Council voicing support for the path: Iain Gray MSP; George Kerevan MP; Claudia Beamish MSP; Colin Smyth MSP; Ramblers Scotland; Spokes Lothian; We Walk, We Cycle, We Vote lobby group.

Gullane Area Community Council formally back route offered by the landowner.

August, 2017

Sustrans Scotland-funded consultants, Peter Brett Associates, are commissioned by East Lothian Council to prepare a feasibility study including design options for route - following B1345 to layby - offered by the landowner.

September, 2017

Campaign organises the first of three meetings with CALA Homes, West Fenton Farm, East Lothian Council councillors and West Fenton residents to discuss Gullane-West Fenton path and steps to secure Quiet Roads designation for West Fenton.

February, 2018

Consulting engineers Peter Brett Associates make a presentation to campaign group, Drem residents and Council officers on 20 February.

They outline engineering options for the 1.2km section that will travel on the west side of the B1345 from Drem northwards to the layby by the Peffer Burn.

February, 2019

Peter Brett Associates, again funded by Sustrans Scotland and commissioned by East Lothian Council - start work on path feasibility study for entire Drem-Gullane route. 

June, 2019

Peter Brett Associates deliver feasibility report to East Lothian Council concluding that a new cycle route/link from Drem to Gullane is not currently viable.

August, 2020

Cala Homes is granted planning permission to construct a path travelling from its Gullane housing development to West Fenton.

September, 2020

East Lothian Council and Sustrans Scotland issue a news release announcing that they intend to take a fresh look at plans for a safe link between Drem and Gullane. 

November, 2020

East Lothian Council submit a funding application to Sustrans Scotland to undertake a feasibility study of the Drem section of the proposed path.

April, 2021

All four candidates to be East Lothian's next MSP back Drem-Gullane path campaign.

November, 2021

East Lothian Council submits revised £30,000 funding application to Sustran Scotland for feasibility work on design options for first section of the path.



Media Mentions

Here you’ll find stories about how our efforts are keeping the campaign in the spotlight.

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ERC logo.jpg

"Edinburgh Road Club members would like to add their voice of support for the Drem to Gullane path as proposed by the Drem-Gullane Path Campaign.

"Many club members regularly cycle a route that takes them along the main road between Drem and Gullane and are only too aware of how busy with vehicles the road can be.

"It’s great to see a campaign like this getting close to achieving its goal and making life better for those that wish to participate in active travel. The route will provide a much safer, greener and attractive alternative to those that want to get from A to B without resorting to motorised transport.

"Well done to all involved for being so forward thinking and fighting for this change to happen."

Edinburgh Road Club


'We fully support this community path which will safely connect Gullane and Drem and will be a great benefit to the local community.'

Tom & Michaela Kitchen, owners of The Bonnie Badger, Gullane

Old clubhouse.jpg

'This can only be an asset to local businesses, and I would urge all business owners in Gullane to support the campaign.'

Dominic Campanile, General Manager, The Old Clubhouse, Gullane

spice pots.jpg

'In our hectic and screen heavy lives, it is more important than ever to get outside and enjoy our beautiful countryside. This brilliant project will open up the opportunity for many more cyclists and walkers to travel safely from Drem to Gullane and other coastal villages.'

Melanie Auld, Gullane entrepreneur and owner of Spice Pots


'The link between Gullane and Drem is crying out for a cycle path, both as a safe commuter option to the train station for the growing population of Gullane, and also, as a recreational route for those from further afield to access the beautiful countryside of East Lothian.'

Alan Rae, Fidra Fine Art Gallery, Gullane


'Gullane really ought to be properly connected with Drem railway station by foot and cycle path as an environmentally sustainable way for tourists to visit the village, the beaches and the local businesses.'

Louise Pickering, owner of Cherish Vintage Tea Room and Emporium, Gullane

Wix - Gannon.PNG

'Gannon Sports supports the creation of a core path linking Drem and Gullane ib order to make cycling and walking safer for all.'

Gannon Sports, Gullane

Old Smiddy.jpg

'It is vital that the infrastructure is in place to safely reach Gullane by foot or bike without having to negotiate the dangerous main road. We strongly believe the successful implementation of this path will have a direct, positive impact on businesses in Gullane like the Old Smiddy.'

Heulwen Hardie, Managing Director of the Old Smiddy craft shop, Gullane 


'Enabling active travel through well-connected developments is of great importance to CALA. We're therefore thrilled to be support and help advance the aims of the Drem-Gullane Path Campaign - and hope to see the path completed in full in the near future, so it can benefit residents, visitors and the local economy.'

Derek Lawson, Strategic Land Director with CALA Homes (East)

Wix - Ramblers.PNG

'We commend all the local campaigners who continue to work to improve walking and cycling routes between Drem and Gullane. High-quality paths help create happier, healthier communities by enabling more people to enjoy car-free travel and fun, active days out. We need more such paths, right across Scotland.'

Helen Todd, Ramblers Scotland's campaigns manager

Cycling UK logo Jpeg resize (1).jpg

‘Cycling UK in Scotland supports the Drem-Gullane Path Campaign to create a vital section of safe cycling infrastructure in East Lothian. A path between Gullane and Drem would link communities, connect people to rail services and encourage everyone to enjoy the benefits of cycling.'

Jim Densham,

Campaigns and Policy Manager - Scotland, Cycling UK in Scotland

spokes (2).PNG

'Spokes is keen to see safe and welcoming routes for cycling between communities as well as within them, and this is particularly important in rural areas where speeding on narrow roads is a common problem. As such we fully support the Drem-Gullane campaign. Cycling is one of the easiest ways to fit exercise into your daily routine: saves you money, gets you fit and helps the environment.'

Spokes Lothian

Alison Johnstone.jpeg

'I'm really pleased to lend my support to the campaign for a cycling and pedestrian path between Drem and Gullane. East Lothian is beautiful, let's make sure people can enjoy it safely in the outdoors.'

Alison Johnstone MSP

Iain Gray.jpeg

'I have long supported the campaign for the development of a safe, off-road path linking Gullane and Drem and continue to do so. There have been some setbacks over the years, but I will keep supporting campaigners to try and give local communities what they want and improve opportunities for safe walking and cycling between the two villages.'

Iain Gray MSP


'I am a keen supporter of active travel. I feel that walking and cycling in a safe area is important for a local community and i am pleased to support the group's efforts to enhance that.'

Claudia Beamish MSP


'Safety is the key concern for families and commuters considering active travel, which is why a separate route connecting Gullane and Drem is so important. It is vital to have infrastructure suitable for people of all ages and abilities that allows walking and cycling on a path away from the busy B1345.'

Kenny MacAskill MP

Colin Smyth.jpeg

'Cycling and walking provides huge benefits both to a person's physical and mental wellbeing but also for the community as a whole. I am therefore extremely supportive of the group's efforts in campaigning for a pathway linking Drem and Gullane.'

Colin Smyth MSP